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Voice & Speech Elective Credits
T-ST 7290
Lecture No course description available Find Course Sections
Voice Over Lab
T-ST 72910
Lecture Voice Over Lab, now that you have access to your natural voice, explores a broad scope of opportunities in which to play with your... Find Course Sections
The Dynamic Voice: Roy Hart
T-ST 72911
Lecture This class will continue to examine the extended range of the voice, voice as character, and voice as inspiration through pedagogi... Find Course Sections
Linklater – Sound and Movement
T-ST 72912
Lecture Advanced Linklater: Sound and Movement is an exploration of the primitive roots of voice and language. Beginning with a review of ... Find Course Sections
Advanced Dialects
T-ST 72913
Lecture This course will review fundamental skills of accent and dialect acquisition learned in Speech 3 and 4, including phonetics, proso... Find Course Sections
Fitzmaurice Voicework
T-ST 72914
Lecture This course will introduce students to a heightened awareness of the physical sensation of breath, and the use of breath as the fu... Find Course Sections
Shakespeare Text
T-ST 72915
Lecture Shakespeare Text is a continued deepening into freeing the actor’s unique voice, through the vehicle of heightened language. Stude... Find Course Sections
Advanced Voice Over
T-ST 72916
Lecture Advanced Voice Over, for those who have successfully completed Voice Over Lab, targets specific areas for skill development across... Find Course Sections
Introduction to Linklater
T-ST 72917
Lecture Learn more about the Linklater Progression, a voice work technique that helps actors become more aware of their bodies, free their... Find Course Sections
Shakespeare Voice
T-ST 72918
Lecture Shakespeare Voice is a continued attempt to free the actor’s unique voice, only now through the vehicle of heightened language. St... Find Course Sections