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Extreme Character
T-ST 71910
Lecture In this course, students will study various physical acting techniques to enable them to more fully physically transform into thei... Find Course Sections
Advanced Viewpoints/Composition
T-ST 71911
Lecture In this course students will revisit/continue the work done in Movement 3 and 4 during the second year, and delve deeper into the ... Find Course Sections
Audition Technique
T-ST 71912
Lecture This course will help students prepare for professional auditions. Over the course of the semester we will cover monologue selecti... Find Course Sections
Contemporary Scene Study
T-ST 71913
Lecture This course will dive deeper into the scene work of contemporary plays, giving students an opportunity to explore the works of tod... Find Course Sections
Acting for Camera
T-ST 71914
Lecture Students will use assigned television and film “sides”, reading them across areal space, with the instructor in front of a camera.... Find Course Sections
Scene Study for Camera
T-ST 71915
Lecture Building on the skills learned in Acting for Camera, students will move on to more advanced techniques including two person scenes... Find Course Sections