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The Music of Benjamin Britten
M-LT 71310
Lecture Benjamin Britten dominated the world of English art music in the 20th century. While he rejected the post-war radical avant-garde ... Find Course Sections
Mahler and Esotericism
M-LT 71311
Lecture Demigods, Nordic myth, Zarathustra, Faust, alchemy, and archetypes will all be a part of this look into Mahler’s esoteric thinking... Find Course Sections
Bach, Handel, Vivaldi
M-LT 71312
Lecture This course considers three composers at a single moment in time: 1724. In this year, Bach premiered the John Passion in Leipzig, ... Find Course Sections
The Mass in Church and Concert Hall
M-LT 71313
Lecture This graduate seminar will explore the role of the Mass as both a liturgical model and a concert genre. From its origins in plainc... Find Course Sections
Music and the Body
M-LT 71314
Lecture No course description available Find Course Sections
Opera History Survey
M-LT 71315
Lecture This course examines the development of Opera throughout its 400-year history, from the beginnings in Florence at the end of the 1... Find Course Sections
Music of Japan
M-LT 71316
Lecture No course description available Find Course Sections
Music, Politics, and Social Criticism
M-LT 71317
Lecture Throughout history, music has been intertwined with social conditions and politics. This course aims to analyze those moments in ... Find Course Sections
The Music of Messiaen
M-LT 71318
Lecture After a look at examples of Messiaen's musical language in his earlier works, this course will focus on Messiaen's later pieces, i... Find Course Sections
Renaissance Madrigal
M-LT 71319
Lecture This seminar considers the music-text relationship in the Italian madrigal during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. W... Find Course Sections