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Science of Health
L-CM 75910
Lecture This course is designed to provide a scientific approach to issues of health and wellness necessary for the pursuit of a healthy l... Find Course Sections
Human Anatomy & Physiology
L-CM 75911
Lecture This course covers basic knowledge of the structure and function of the human body. Each of the bodily systems will be dealt with ... Find Course Sections
Applications of Mathematics
L-CM 75912
Lecture Note: This course does not fulfill the math/science (LMSC) requirement. In this course, students develop quantitative and visual r... Find Course Sections
Math, Science, and Truth
L-CM 75913
Lecture Mathematics and science have transformed the physical world, our relationships to each other, and perhaps even a fundamental under... Find Course Sections
Environmental Science
L-CM 75914
Lecture This course explores the relationship between society and the environment. Students learn about ecosystems, the effects of populat... Find Course Sections
Data Management and Statistics
L-CM 75915
Lecture In this course, students develop quantitative, graphic and verbal skills as they analyze data. Students learn to reduce data to it... Find Course Sections
Genetics in the Movies
L-CM 75917
Lecture This course will introduce students to fundamental concepts of human genetics and disease as depicted in movies. Classic, cult, sc... Find Course Sections
Music Acoustics
L-CM 75919
Lecture This course is a survey of acoustical phenomena relating to music. The course includes an overview of the nature of sound waves an... Find Course Sections
Introduction to Computer Programming
L-CM 75920
Lecture In this course, students learn the fundamentals of computer programing that serve as a foundation for developing software applicat... Find Course Sections
Introduction to Astronomy
L-CM 75921
Lecture No course description available Find Course Sections