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General Psychology
L-CM 74910
Lecture This course is a survey of the history, theory, and applications of general psychology, including the study of human behavior, fac... Find Course Sections
Child & Adolescent Psychology
L-CM 74911
Lecture This course will provide an overview of cognitive, social learning, behavioral, biological, and evolutionary theories related to c... Find Course Sections
Positive Psychology
L-CM 74912
Lecture This course introduces the study of positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communi... Find Course Sections
Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Culture
L-CM 74913
Lecture This course explores the cultural life of homosexuality in America. What might it feel like to be gay or lesbian or queer, as both... Find Course Sections
Human Sexuality
L-CM 74914
Lecture This course introduces modern perspectives of the psychological study of human sexuality within a historical context. Specific to... Find Course Sections
Human Interaction Psychology
L-CM 74915
Lecture Social Science Topics courses enable students to choose from a variety of course themes that change each semester. Courses may exp... Find Course Sections
Psychology of Music
L-CM 74916
Lecture This course will examine the psychological, physiological, and sociological foundations of music and music therapy. Students will ... Find Course Sections
City Life: Local and Global Perspectives
L-CM 74917
Lecture As musicians, you will be visiting, working in, and probably living in cities. Questions this course tackles include: What makes a... Find Course Sections
Principles of Economics
L-CM 74918
Lecture An analysis of supply and demand in the international music marketplace, as affecting issues of pricing, employment, the output of... Find Course Sections
History of Political Thought
L-CM 74919
Lecture This course surveys the history of political thought from the time of ancient Greece to the modern era. Students will read selecti... Find Course Sections