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History Topics Elective
L-CM 7391
Lecture This course number should be used if a student is granted advanced placement or transfer credit for the equivalent of a general Be... Find Course Sections
Cinema in Hitler's Germany
L-CM 73912
Lecture This course explores the history of German cinema between 1919 and 1945. In the first half of the semester we will be examining th... Find Course Sections
Law & Disorder
L-CM 73913
Lecture One of the dynamic tensions in American history is the relationship between our roots in frontier justice and revolution, and our ... Find Course Sections
Great Discoveries
L-CM 73919
Lecture Archaeology is concerned with the discovery and study of past cultures through the objects they made and the records they kept. I... Find Course Sections
World War I
L-CM 73914
Lecture One hundred years ago, a murder in the Balkans triggered a conflict that engulfed millions of human beings from every corner of th... Find Course Sections
Palestinian-Israeli Relations
L-CM 73915
Lecture This course examines Palestinian and Israeli history to better understand how culture, identity, and conflict impact their relatio... Find Course Sections
America from Jazz to MTV Age
L-CM 73916
Lecture The 20th century, often referred to as The American Century, was a time of turbulent transformation in which Americans were forced... Find Course Sections
Mesoamerican Art
L-CM 73920
Lecture In this course, we will examine several of the intriguing and enduring civilizations of the New World and explore ancient Mesoamer... Find Course Sections
Philosophy & the Image
L-CM 73921
Lecture How and why does the world (not) work? This course investigates this question through the lenses of the great philosophical movem... Find Course Sections
Art of the Renaissance
L-CM 73922
Lecture This course serves as introduction to the art of the Renaissance in Northern and Southern Europe (c. 1350-1550). Students investig... Find Course Sections