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Atonal Ear Training
M-SK 71910
Lecture This course is based primarily on the non-tonal vocal works of Debussy, Schoenberg, Berg, Ives, Bartok, Stravinsky, and Webern. Th... Find Course Sections
Complexity in Rhythm
M-SK 71911
Lecture A calisthenics-based approach to gaining fluency in a wide variety of 20th and 21st century rhythmic languages. The course will ex... Find Course Sections
Score Reading 1
M-SK 71912
Lecture The focus of this course is the skills needed to sight-read and transpose at the keyboard using small ensemble repertoire includin... Find Course Sections
Score Reading 2
M-SK 71913
Lecture In this course score reading skills are built upon using increasing harmonic and rhythmic complexity, more-varied transposing inst... Find Course Sections