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Contemporary Compositional Techniques
M-LT 71113
Lecture Performance majors are encouraged to take this course. We will spend the semester composing and reading each other’s original work... Find Course Sections
Traditional Music of Europe
M-LT 71116
Lecture This course provides the means and the vocabulary to understand and discuss traditional music of a number of European countries. W... Find Course Sections
Asian Influence on 20th Century Music
M-LT 71117
Lecture Throughout the 20th century, Asian music and philosophy have influenced European and American concert music from timbres to pitch ... Find Course Sections
Symphony in the Romantic Era
M-LT 71118
Lecture The generation of symphonic composers immediately after Beethoven famously struggled to compose in the shadow of his achievements.... Find Course Sections
Russian Symphonic Tradition
M-LT 71119
Lecture Beginning with Tchaikovsky's Fourth and Sixth Symphonies, and ending with Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony, this course will cover sy... Find Course Sections
Spectralism and After
M-LT 71120
Lecture This course will give a historical and theoretical framework for understanding the Spectralist movement, its proponents, and metho... Find Course Sections
Music of Dutilleux
M-LT 71121
Lecture An exploration of the works of Dutilleux from the 1948 Piano Sonata to his final work, Le temps l'horloge. Focus on major works wi... Find Course Sections
Danish Composers of the Past Century
M-LT 71122
Lecture An overview of the major Danish composers of the last 100 years, with a focus on Nielsen, Holmboe, Norgard, and Abrahamsen. The m... Find Course Sections
M-LT 71123
Lecture Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the man and his music, from his child prodigy tour of Europe until his untimely death while composing the... Find Course Sections
Sketches from the Masters
M-LT 71124
Lecture From antiquity to present day, what sketches did the great composers leave behind? Is there a common thread that shows insight int... Find Course Sections