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T-LT 79910
Lecture This course introduces students to an ecocritical approach to performance studies and will reveal how and why artists are increasi... Find Course Sections
Drag Performance and Queer Embodiments
T-LT 79911
Lecture Drag Performance and Queer Embodiments explores cross-gendered, “drag” performance in theatre and popular entertainment from the a... Find Course Sections
Topics in Dramatic Literature
T-LT 79912
Lecture No course description available Find Course Sections
Queer Theater and Film
T-LT 79913
Lecture In this course, we will examine seminal dramatic texts and films that have shaped, influenced, and reflected queer (LGBTQ+) identi... Find Course Sections
History of Musical Theater Dance
T-LT 79914
Lecture Students will experience a broad survey of dance, choreographers, and choreographic influences over the history of American musica... Find Course Sections
Intersectional Feminism and Performance
T-LT 79915
Lecture The aim of this course is to engage in a collective critique of some of the issues, inquiries, and debates with respect to interse... Find Course Sections
Immersive & Experiential Theater
T-LT 79916
Lecture This course will examine the history, development, and aesthetics of immersive and experiential theatre. Reflecting on how these p... Find Course Sections
Latine Theater and Drama (Online)
T-LT 79917
Lecture This academic course is a survey of Latine theater artists. It will allow students to consider the development of - and Latine con... Find Course Sections
Adaption/Inspiration: Page to Stage
T-LT 79918
Lecture A comprehensive look at adaptation from page to stage or screen using different forms of master texts to study how to create succe... Find Course Sections
Women in Theater
T-LT 79919
Lecture This course is an exploration of some of the major artistic contributions of women in various theatrical practices. From the origi... Find Course Sections