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M-SK 1101 - Harmony & Counterpoint 1
The objectives specific to Harmony & Counterpoint 1 are the ability to write and to make a harmonic analysis of four-part chorale–style exercises using root position and first inversion triads. These skills will be achieved through an understanding of, and proficiency in applying the following: First, second, and third species counterpoint; Inversion symbols and figured bass Diatonic triads in major and minor keys; Identification of 7th chords; Principles of voice leading; Root position part writing; First inversion part writing; Harmonic progression; Harmonizing a melody; Harmonizing a bass line / 2 hours weekly plus 5-minute keyboard playback; 2 credits

Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 2.00
Credit Types Credit

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