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M-LT 71340 - Narratives of Notation:The Graphic Score
This graduate seminar will explore the concept of a graphic score with an expansive definition that encompasses works from the late fourteenth century (ars subtilior) to the present day. Using Teresa Sauer’s Notations 21 as a point of reference, we will examine scores, realizations, and visualizations. The course will challenge narrow definitions of improvisation, aleatoricism, and indeterminacy, and will problematize performer/composer/audience relationships. Canonical works such as early pieces by Morton Feldman, Earle Brown, John Cage, and Pauline Oliveros as well as Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise, Cathy Berberian’s Stripsody, and the scores of Wadada Leo Smith will provide points of focus, while connecting the tradition to more recent works by Joan La Barbara, Jennifer Walshe, and others. Readings and repertoire will provide context for student-led discussions, and each student will engage in a semester-long research project of their own devising.

Prerequisites (( M-SK 5103 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-SK 5191 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-LT 5103 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-LT 5192 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> ) and ( M-EX 5103 / Placement Exam or M-LT 8102 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-LT 8102 / Remedial <min credit = 1.00> ))
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Credit

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