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M-LT 71339 - Changing the Narrative: Women in Music
Women have held a significant role in the composition, production, performance, and patronization of Western "classical" music for centuries. While a few female composers have recently become known in mainstream culture, most composers have been silently bypassed in the general canon of music curriculums. This seminar will engage in an investigation of music by Hildegard von Bingen, Vitoria Aleotti, Barbara Strozzi, Louise Reichardt, Fannie Mendelssohn, Alma Mahler, Ethyl Smyth, Florence Price, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Chen Yi, and Kaija Saariaho among others, to explore how these composers have equally contributed to the Western musical canon. Though classical composition will be a focus of study, the seminar will also engage in a deeper discussion of women as performers, as patrons, and as popular icons in the modern world.

Prerequisites (( M-SK 5103 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-SK 5191 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> ) and ( M-EX 5101 / Placement Exam or M-LT 8101 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> ) and ( M-EX 5103 / Placement Exam or M-LT 8102 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> ))
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Credit

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