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M-LT 71310 - The Music of Benjamin Britten
Benjamin Britten dominated the world of English art music in the 20th century. While he rejected the post-war radical avant-garde approach to art music, his music is nonetheless challenging and rich, yet accessible to the public at large. This class will explore Britten’s unique compositional voice in the 20th century as well as his relationship to his musical past and his assimilation of foreign cultures.

Prerequisites ( M-SK 5103 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> and ( M-EX 5103 / Placement Exam or M-LT 8102 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-LT 8102 / Remedial <min credit = 1.00> ))
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Credit

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