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M-LT 71153 - From Isorhythm to Schenker
This course is an historical survey of various innovative theoretical applications progressing chronologically from Franco of Cologne through Schenker to the present. Each technique will be studied then applied to musical literature with a focus on analysis through listening.  The music of Dufay, Bach and Debussy, among others, will be explored to provide deeper insight into how music and its theories work.

Prerequisites (( M-SK 2102 / Lecture <min credit = 2.00> and M-LT 2102 / Lecture <min credit = 3.00> ) or ( M-EX 5107 / Placement Exam or M-SK 8101 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-SK 8101 / Remedial <min credit = 1.00> ))
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 2.00
Credit Types Credit

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