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M-LT 71144 - Acoustics
Musicians are quite often too little aware of the nature of the sounds around which they are building their careers. This class serves to examine the science of musical sounds from their creation to their propagation in an acoustical space. We will study both instrumental and vocal sounds and how they are modified and combined. We will also explore some of the latest research into the issues of spectrum as it relates to consonance and dissonance.

Prerequisites M-SK 2102 / Lecture <min credit = 2.00> or M-EX 5107 / Placement Exam or M-SK 8101 / Lecture <min credit = 1.00> or M-SK 8101 / Remedial <min credit = 1.00>
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 2.00
Credit Types Credit

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