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M-LT 5059 - Urban Issues & Changing Faces of MusicEd
Only the opportunities for creative and imaginative action exceed the challenges facing those who would teach music in the urban school. A congeries of extraordinary issues awaits them: declining budgets; renewed competition for talented students; scheduling and space considerations; obsolete and aging equipment; and, among the students themselves, unprecedented diversity of nationalities, languages, cultures, and ethnicities. Yet music wields the power, the ability to unite a school’s community through ensembles, singing groups, and music classes. Following the precepts of Critical Pedagogy in Music Education, this course endeavors to further the aspirations of dedicated music teachers, equipping them to harness their most powerful gift: their own creativity.

Description This course will introduce students to the relationship between music and culture by offering biographical, historical, and philosophical background on the teaching of music in urban schools. It will also provide methodological tools to expand students' knowledge of this relationship, particularly through research and reflection. The course will encourage students to broaden their musical taste and appreciation, the better to accommodate the diverse styles that they will encounter in urban teaching situations. The course will introduce students to theoretical positions and research methods in critical theory, culturally relevant pedagogy, and reality pedagogy. 45 hours; 3 credits
Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Credit

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