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D-LT 1602 - Introduction to Iconic Dance
Iconic dances are movement trends stemming from ordinary spaces in society, reflecting the socio-political ideology of the culture. Like barometers, sensationalized movements reflect the values, attitudes, and ideas of the people. This course will take students through an analysis of dance trends and their absorption and cultivation in American culture, focusing on urban styles and their evolution in commercial and social settings. Through readings, visual assignments, and movement practice, students will hone their skills to decipher the coded language of dance in popular dancing styles. Students will analyze various commercial dance cultural icons, skill sets, and political expressions through research papers and self-reflection. Students will develop a critical eye in movement analysis, which will be enhanced through physical practice of the ideas and topics discussed. By highlighting notable directors, choreographers, icons, and unseen contributors who have illuminated dance within social spaces, students will be introduced to dance styles in a nonlinear, intertextual format. This course will acknowledge the ability of these iconic dances to transcend time through the use of technological advances of the day.

Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Credit

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